Public Service Fellowship

Four Public Leadership Programmes Over Five Years

Apolitical Academy’s public leadership programmes share a curriculum and pedagogy and are designed regularly to bring together fellows and alumni from all regions for leadership exchange.

Our programmes focus on personal leadership and public purpose, ethics and values, and are underpinned by a high-level mentorship program and commitment to diversity.

Commencing in Southern Africa in 2018, we will develop and establish further regional programmes in Europe and Latin America, as well as an additional Global programme. All leadership programmes are supported by the Apolitical Academy hub in London.

Who are they?

Proven leaders – particularly those not yet active in mainstream political system

Women and men between the ages of 20-40 (with some flexibility)

Exploring if and/or how to run for elected position / work in the public service

Representing a broad swathe of political ideologies without holding extreme ideological views

Representative of the diversity of the regional population

Where are they from?

Civil Society

Private Sector

Global Leadership Programmes

Public Policy Graduate Schools

Social Activism

Community Leaders

Public Policy & Technology Experts

Southern Africa Public Leadership Programme

From September 2018, Apolitical Academy’s Southern Africa Fellows will participate in a 9-month long programme, covering seven residential weekend seminars in locations around the region.

The seminars will be led by a combination of skilled moderators and experienced government and political leaders from across the regional and ideological spectrum.

Seminar 1
Why Me? Why Us? Why Now?

The first weekend seminar will primarily be focused on introductions and fellows’ personal exploration of their public purpose. Through a combination of group plenaries, small group discussions and inputs from guest speakers, fellows will explore the internal and external drivers of their decision to transition to public life. 

Seminar 3
The Elements of a Public Life

The third seminar introduces fellows to the systems, practicalities and challenges of a career in the public eye. A skills-heavy programme comprising media management, technology, driving issues for impact as well as speechwriting and speechmaking, will be complemented by deep-dive reflections on the personal and social impact of a career experienced in full view of the public. 

Seminar 4
Ethics in Public Leadership and Corruption Case Study

One of the flagship seminars of the Apolitical Academy programme, “Ethics in Public Leadership” will introduce fellows to government and political leaders who have faced an ethical cross-roads in their efforts to be responsible and accountable public leaders. This seminar will explore the ethical, legal and systemic consequences of straying from one’s commitment to serve the people rather than oneself.

Seminar 6
Political Campaigns and Grassroots Organising

The third and final case study of the programme will provide fellows with an opportunity to dive deep into the practicalities of running a political campaign for election to public office. Seminar 6 asks fellows to deploy what they have learned about defining a vision, identifying constituencies, making a case for change and leading ethically and transparently to the challenge of seeking election to public office.