Who We Are

Apolitical Academy is an independent, non-profit venture established by Apolitical Foundation & the Daniel Sachs Foundation. Our mission is to make the public service work for people everywhere by supporting the next generation of transformational public leaders.

The Academy will offer global, non-partisan fellowship programmes designed to prepare diverse groups of talented and innovative leaders for careers in government or elected leadership.

We draw on the deep global policy knowledge of Apolitical’s platform and on trusted relationships with governments — and government partners — around the world.

We amplify what’s working over time by offering the materials the Academy develops for its own fellowship programmes to other non-partisan training organisations.

We harness a global network of the most inspiring, innovative and successful people working in government through a platform designed for the public service.

The Public Leadership Crisis

Around the world, faith in politics and government is in decline. Citizens feel ignored by their leaders and young people view political parties as excessively partisan, dishonest and prone to making empty promises. The decline is reflected in the rise of populism, internationally, as distrust in leadership has led to a rejection of the traditional modes and institutions of democracy.

Public Service Fellowship

Focused on personal leadership and public purpose, ethics and values, and underpinned by a high-level mentorship program, our programmes will identify and support young candidates, women and other political “outsiders” who wish to transition into public service, but lack the networks and personal development opportunities to do so on their own.

Our Partners